The owner of Disks Etc. LLC, Michael Venianakis, came up with the name while walking out of a Staples store. He thought to himself, if a company can call themselves Staples, and sell everything from coffee to computers, then Disks Etc can provide everything IT based.

Disks Etc. LLC is a South Jersey based IT firm. Today we specialize in private cloud servers. We run our own servers, these are not AWS, Azure, or any other provider based. We take pride in offering our clients the best in class HPE Servers for their cloud environment. We do not oversell our processors, memory, or I/O’s. We are currently deploying all NVMe based servers. Performance matters, and we offer the best in performance.

Other services include managing Microsoft365 based businesses, E-mail protection suites, networks, on-premise servers, off-site backup, VoiP / Telephony Services, Internet sales (comcast, verizon, GTT, cogent, etc.).