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With today’s struggle in email protection, we can not forget the problems that may reside within your organization let alone the attackers on the outside trying to get in.

mailprotector is a HIPAA compliant email security, compliance and encryption platform designed to help you keep your users safe. Mailprotector won’t make you choose between security and ease of use. You’ll find that everything from onboarding to user management will be some of the simplest in your stack.

Accurate email filtering

Icon-based scoring indicators clearly communicate various levels of safety.

Detailed analytics

Quickly see why an email was held and determine if the sender is trustworthy.

Powerful policy enforcement

Build and customize rules manually, from templates, or through regular expressions.

Enforce preconfigured policies that prevent users from receiving and sending emails containing slurs, profanity, etc..

Tracker removal

Improve privacy by removing tracking pixels from inbound emails. Tracking pixels provide the sender with private data like the date and time you opened the email, the type of device or email client you used, and even your location.

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