Cloud for Start-Ups

A business' initial purchase of hardware can be a tough decision. The largest issue for a startup is scalability. How much do you and can you invest into your initial purchase of technology. Many companies can offer you financing but this may mean 3 years of a bad decision. So what do you do? There is always the small business package of servers and desktops - but what happens when you need double the capacity in one year? Wouldn't it be great if you can increase your technology capacity the same way you can add a folder into your filing structure? Well you can.

Do you fit into these scenarios? Your business is made up of 1-3 people. You have computers, may not be the greatest but you may not be able to spend $1000 per person for new ones. You need more file storage. You need it centralized. You need Quickbooks to be accessible by multiple people in your organization.  You need a better printer.

The Solo Consultant Package -

Virtual Desktop  - is it secure?
Yes VPN Accessible, 2Form Factor Authentication, Symantec Security Package

Email and Office Applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)
Office365 Small Business Premium Package

Quickbooks can be purchased as a perpetual license or their subscription - to be used installed on your virtual desktop or through their web interface.

Brother Multifunction Printer with OneDrive Support - Scanning is simple with Multifunction Printers that Support OneDrive.

Storage Space
125GB of space - Need More? Pay as you grow! Virtual Desktops can be increased in storage capacity and processing capacity with a few clicks.

Telephony - VoIp
VoIP Phones make it easy to manage a phone system and grow into full scale business.


$85 per month - Windows 10 Virtual Machine with 2 Intel Xeon Gold Processors, 12GB of Memory, 125GB of Storage, Symantec Security Protection, DUO 2Form Factor Authentication, and 3 hours of Support per month.

$12.50 per month - Office365 Premium Edition

$25.99 per month - Enterprise Business Class VoIP Service - includes free Polycom or Yealink phone. Unlimited Calling, Mobile Apps, Team Chat and Messaging, Video Conferencing, WebFax, FindMe/FollowMe, and more.

Free- VPN connection

Quickbooks - To be purchased directly through intuit

Brother Business Laser Printers with WebServices Connect, which enables you to scan to OneDrive start at roughly $350 - you may purchase from Disks Etc. LLC or anywhere you wish. But you must purchase a support printer and scanner with Web Services Connect. Xerox Multifunction Printers have support for this as well.

Total Cost to Disks Etc. LLC - $97.50 plus tax per month (Virtual machine and Office365)
Total Cost to VoIP Provider - $25.99 plus tax per month
Quickbooks or Sage - To be paid directly to Intuit or Sage
Brother Printer - Depends On Model

Get the technology, protection, and support for your startup for less than $130 a month