Cloud Services

What is the cloud? At the end of the day, when you are in the cloud, you are simply off-loading your internal workload to servers that reside in a data center. But what is the cloud? Is office365 the cloud? Is dropbox the cloud? The answer is yes, but the real question is what type of cloud offerings is necessary for your business. How does it work with your budget. Lets face it a lot of companies are seeing their technology costs come 2nd to payroll. Does it need to be that way? Will that company survive that way?

Lets approach the cloud via budget for a business that operates with 35 employees.
A company with 35 employees may choose to have an IT coordinator with a $100,000 salary. Possibly a part time field tech at $30,000 a year or even a service provider to augment IT staff. Its safe to say that one average a company will spend about $850 per computer per employee brings that approximately $30,000 in computers that will work well for 3 years, as well as 2 servers with required licensing and backup that would cost a company approximately $20-30,000.

Now lets add those figures up for a 3  year term - in the course of 3 years between staff and hardware a company of 35 employees can spend upwards of $450,000. That equates to almost $360 per employee per month. This does not include your specialty software like quickbooks, pclaw, Microsoft applications etc... When that is added to mix a company of 35 can easily hit $400-$500 per employee per month. In the year 2019 this should not be the case. Do the math for your business if hardware and support brings you close to $300 or over per month per employee, call Disks Etc. LLC at 856-672-4142 or email us at info@disksetc.com.

So what is Disks Etc. LLC's cloud offering? Virtual Desktops of course. Utilizing Microsoft Remote Desktop Services - let the server make the desktop. Servers are powerful, you're average company does not need or even come close to utilizing the full power of present day desktops (that cost approx. $850) nor does the average company even utilize the full power of a server. Server grade hardware is the pinnacle of hardware. Its too expensive to get every employee a mini server - but this is the way to do it.

Disks Etc. will be more than happy to put together the honest cloud experience. We look at IT the same way investors look at stocks - if you don't exceed earnings and expectations, then who cares? Disks Etc. will beat your expectations.